Maxim The Robot

The Meca World is in danger. In a brand new original 2D platformer, play Maxim, and prepare for a unique gaming experience. Travel through the Meca World, enjoy a colorful universe, play loads of levels and defeat the nanos and traps to rescue the beautiful Mixam from Arthix. Rich Gameplay: Run, jump, swim, walljump, ledgehang, jetpack, slide, swing, drive a wagon, and many other things. Key features: Play over 70 levels - Smooth combination of 2d and 3d graphics - Unlock new characters with unique characteristics and use their special powers - Upgrade each of your characters and customize them - Be the fastest to win the gold medals. Challenge your friends to race you and be number one on the leaderboards - Destroy all enemies, collect all Cogs and find the 3 secret X-Coins in every level - Grow your bestiary by defeating new enemies. Enjoy some well earned good time at the Tiki Bar, watch bonus videos, and earn more Gems by completing all Achievements. Come back to us on a regular basis to get latest version. Extend the adventure by playing the latest released levels and bonus levels, and discover even more characters. You liked Maxim The Robot? Great. Please rate it and leave us a nice comment. See you soon in the Meca World. The download of Maxim the Robot is free of charges, but some items in the game can be bought through real money. You can disable app purchases in the settings of your phone or tablet.
Operating System Android