Quackup: Quack Attack

Jonathin Quackup is a wandering superhero who travels around and helps those in need. One day things go horribly crazy. Aliens invade the planet and the world goes into chaos. During all the craziness villains break out of the Albian prison and monsters go on the attack. The world is doomed. Or is it? Looks like its up to Jonathin to save the day. Its Quack Attack. By Raymond Mullikin. Based on the original ''Quackup Adventure'' game for Windows, created in 2004. Visit Raytoons. Net for Raytoons Comics, Games, and Films. TRAVEL through vastly large side-scrolling levels. AVOID traps and other dangers. COLLECT treasures, keys and power-ups (like swords, blasters, speed boots) for points and survival. SURVIVE against a host of obstacles, evil aliens and villainous minions. SMASH the alien spaceship with a giant boulder. (Yes, this is something that you can do in the game. ). COLORFUL and VIVID, colorful graphics. Keeps track of your high scores. NO ADs whatsoever. NO permissions required. My apps don't collect user data at all. A fun, family friendly game. (By Raytoons. Net).
Operating System Android