Big Deer Hunter Challenge 2016

Track, Aim and Shoot. Big Deer Hunter Challenge 3D is the most realistic hunting experience with Amazing HD 3D graphics. The best on Big Deer Hunter Challenge 3D Google Play. Do you love Stag, Deer, Wolf, Dino-saur or Bear shooting games and hunting in the jungle? Get ready for a treat as we are about to bring you hunting in the great wilderness. We will take you across the world where you will hunt in the grassy alaskan mountains, and lush green forests. Use your high powered fire power to take Stag, Deer, Wolf, Dino-saur or Bear down. You will hunt dinos plus deer's but can also hunt the different wildlife that is around the forest. Earn great rewards for completing the levels which you can use to purchase more weapons and unlock the different seasons. Go on and take a shot at the animals; you will be rewarded handsomely and so you can take home the exotic Stag and deer trophy. The Stag Deer hunt will take your breath away. Flowing rivers in the jungle and animals all for your taking if all you love is Stag Deer shooting games. Game Play: As being a Hunter you have to Hunt WILD ANIMALS and Stags and Deer's within the time in each level. You are equipped with 5 Different Snipers and, you have to hunt deer or Stag with your accurate firing tactics. If you miss your fire, it will alert the Deer or Stag or Dino and they will run away. You have to kill the running Stag and deer if you want to complete your mission even after missing your fire. To hunt deer's plus Stags within time and complete the missions, you need best and accurate firing skills, focus on the object, make a quick and sharp decision in this action game. Here is Deer & Stag Hunting game with real 3D graphics of jungle environment. The game is developed considering the most popular and addictive hobby of hunting Stags and Deer. If you have ever been a hunter or shooter using Assault and sniper rifles, it will really relax your mind if you achieve your objective in hunting. Download for free from Android Play store and have fun. Big Hunter Game Challenge Game Features: Action packed missions in the jungle full of wild animals- First Person Shooting- Radar system to indicate Stags positions. 30 Game play missions with multitasks in each season- 5 different Sniper riffles. Firepower when you most need it- Hunt not just Stags and Deer's, but many animals (dino, t-rex, wolf, bear) in the forest in different levels. Stand in awe at the beautifully rendered scenery in multiple weather seasons. What New. Full range of forest animals to hunt including Stag, Deer, Wolf, Dino-saur or Bear. Choose from high powered weaponry for huge firepower. Special Survival mode: Test your skill and survive the jungle. Rewards based Game play; the more you play; the more rewards you get. Enjoy Stag Deer Hunting 3D, the greatest update yet of 2016. Your suggestion would be our great pleasure for the improvement of the games features time to time. Follow us at ;'s open season - join the hunt today.
Operating System Android