The Last of Humans : Awakening

The Last of Humans: Awakening is the beginning of a Stealth Zombie adventure horror game series with suspense atmosphere. You wake up inside an old hospital building without understanding the surroundings. Explore the environment to find out what is going on and solve puzzles to be able to escape the place. The game you will solve puzzles and will try to avoid terrible enemies, that will follow you on sight, using patience while finding the best path for not being detected. The visuals is based on the 5th generation of consoles, we want to bring the classic old feeling back to our projects, this is my first test for a future of old classic style projects I intend to upload. Please, leave the feedback. 3D polygon graphics with texture mapping- Scary Environment- Suspense atmosphere- Puzzles- Zombies and detection AIThank you all for playing, please enjoy. Aru Ren.
Operating System Android