Viking World

Dominate the vast world of Viking-age Northern Europe in original 3D side-scroller, open-world rpg adventure. Enormous hand-sculpted 3D game world to explore, raid & settle. Over 60 towns and villages with shops, buildings and churches to loot & burn. Lots of villagers and warriors of over 40 clans to chat & trade, or attack & enslave. Open-World RPG gameplay. Viking World features free-roaming action / strategy / adventure / rpg gameplay. 16 Viking towns in Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Iceland to start from, and many different ways to gain resources and rise in power. Unique controls / view modes. Innovative game-controls & huge network of roads and trails allows the vast lands of the 3D world to be navigated using simple side-scroller controls. Turning at a crossroads rotates the axis/view 90 degrees. Sailing longboats is in 1st. person view. Fully playable for free. Earn silver in game by fishing, mining, hunting, trading, stealing, piracy & looting. Or buy silver for real money to spend on ships, slaves (thralls), horses, animals, land, buildings, goods and weapons. The game is 100% playable offline. Lead Your army to war. Command your slaves to follow, produce resources needed for survival, construction and war. Lead your slaves & recruits into battle to conquer the territory of enemy Kings and rival Vikings. Put them on a longboat, set sail & navigate the rough seas to raid enemy kingdoms. Build Your new home. Explore the dark forests, high mountains & deep fjords to find the best area to settle and build a base. Cut down the pine forests with an axe to build a new home. Or use different strategy & kill all residents of a house to occupy it. Open a shop to sell goods or offer services. Chat with people to make friends & hear local news and sagas about kingdoms far away. Raise & protect Your herds of animals. Breed herds of sheep, goats & pigs for meat, milk & wool, and lead the animals to new grasslands. Protect them from wolves, vikings, outlaws, and the cold, harsh winters of the North. Axe an animal for meat if hungry. When sailing bring some animals for meat. Sailing, production & trade. Explore the oceans & sail far away to new kingdoms to trade. Find the best fishing spots and set out Your nets. Become a pirate & loot trade ships. Fish from beaches & search for amber, or mine the hills & mountains. Hunt wolves for meat and furs. Capture slaves & make them do the hard work. Raid castles, monestaries & farms of enemy kings. Attack the monasteries, towns & castles of kingdoms far from Your Viking homelands. Pillage and burn to strike fear in the heart of Your enemy. Find a good place to settle, or sail back with the ship loaded with loot. Wage wars, pillage & conquer. Attack the poor farmers, or storm the strongholds & castles of kings and lords in bloody battles for land, resources & power. Give combat orders to warriors using the Battle Horn. Use guerilla strategy to plunder well defended towns, or bring an army of Vikings to conquer them. Become Jarl and rule. Rise in power by defeating the Viking lords and kings & rule their lands. Rule Your Norse clan by setting policies & laws. Tax the population when needed. Recruit the villagers for raids or invade enemy kingdoms to expand your reign by conquest. Download now & begin Your journey. Expect frequent updates & expansion of strategy gameplay. Comments & ideas will be much appreciated, as the game is still in beta. Thank You.
License Free
Version 3.2
Operating System Android