Diego Jumper

There lived a Diego Jumper in deep jungle who wanted to get rich by collecting gold in dangerous paths of deadly environment. Our Diego is mischievous who wants to collect lots of coins for this event, help the Diego Jumper to run and collect coins in the deep Jungle without falling into pits because this jungle is full of traps. Just click the screen to make our Diego to jump all obstacles. This Super Diego Jumper run is the best adventure game for this event. It has the best fun run game with good graphics and music. Each level in the game is carefully structured and revolves around traversing various obstacles, including spike pits and circular saws of all shapes and sizes. That can be a tricky task unless you are skilled enough to have a perfect control over your Diego Jumper jumps. You have to make sure to attain the proper velocity for each jump but you should never forget about inertia which is another important factor to consider. There should not be too much or too little inertia, but just enough to land safely on a platform as any brush with a nearby spike or circular saw is a certain death. ###Features###1. Tap the screen to make Diego Jumper run. 2. Collect all the gold coins without falling into pits. 3. Run and finish all the levels. 4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects. 5. Phone and Tablet support6. 3 Different Game Modes7. High quality graphics. ###How to play###1. Just tap the screen to jump the Diego Jumper. 2. Collect coins as many as you can3. Run to the end of the levels to reach our Diego Jumper home to celebrate event. There is no wall-jumping in Diego's Dora good news for players who find it annoying. Instead, there is another challenge which is managing inter-jump velocity in order to land on a platform mid-air. This adds another skill level to the game and a fresh jumping mechanic that you are sure to enjoy. A thrilling gameplay is complemented with stylish and tasteful artwork. Serene pastel-colored background in the game suggests an atmosphere of tranquility that makes an interesting juxtaposition with the blood-spattered circular saws and spike pits. The silhouettes of the bunny and other animals against the images of trees, snow-capped mountains and cityscape look charming and touching. All this, tied together with an incredible soundtrack, delivers a mixture of blood, action, style and drive that should not be missed. Diego Jumper are perfect game for kids. They will surely love it. Enjoy.
Operating System Android