Space War

long time ago Year 3001, has alien fighter aircraft attack and destroy everything on the earth humans to extinction. Project Space War 3001 has create for protect the earth from alien. How to play- Drag the space shooter to move up and down and fight. Tap the bomb button to use the skill for effect destroy fighter jetsFeatures- High quality images optimized for tablets and large screens. Bomb button touch: Fire a supper bomb to destroy all enemies in space war. classic game inspired by classic sci-fi movies and old school retro games like fighter jets game. Different enemies may require different strategies. Machine gun, Cannon, Laser, Rocket. Smooth and simple aircraft control system. Do not need internet to play the game. 15 missions for Aircraft fighter. Collect natural resources like crystal, metal and laser to develop your space Aircraft. Amazing graphic design alien and fighter aircraft. Help space shooter for defense the earth for space war. Thank you for play and review 5 star.
Operating System Android