Forest Squirrel Simulator

Forest Squirrel Simulator will let you behave like a real adult squirrel in forest. Protect yourself from wild predators like snakes, rabbits, foxes, rats and frogs which are most dangerous for your cub. Take care of your bout cubs and have fun with Forest Squirrel Simulator 3D and survive your life in forest. Become wild and protect your family when you feel danger. Enjoy your life of wilderness and run across the woods and jump from tree to tree. You must communicate with other jungle animals for your help in danger time, mate with females and raise up cubs,increase your family growth which is helpful. You can chose the different squirrels like brown, golden and black squirrel. Each quest is difficult as compare to previous. Earn experience and level up your skills. Show your best survival skills under the wild animals in forest. Learn your new attacks and prepare your cubs to survive life in forest. You are surviving your life with different animals some of them could become your friends and some are your direct rivals. Unlike other squirrel games if your energy drops, your chances to survive would fell too.Eat mushroom for your health would help you to survive in the hostile world life of this animal survival simulator. Keep yourself ready especially at night, your enemies could be anywhere because you are little rodent. Be ready to battle against animals, when hideous creatures lurk in shadows of trees at night. You can find a secluded tree hollow, collect the mushrooms and eat for your health if you feel hungry. Walk with your cubs, teach him, start your wild adventure and be real wild squirrel in forest squirrel simulator 3d game.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None