Juiced - Adventure Land

Juiced an exciting and challenging platform adventure game. Treasure hunter Tiko sets out to retrieve the long lost eternal crystals. When he encounters a mysterious evil force, he is sent on an adventurous journey like never before. Run, jump and propel your way through 7 different themed worlds, with over 30 different enemies and more than 20 unique weapons and powerups. A classic platform game that has never been this much fun. Juiced will be regularly updated with new levels. Goal: Reach the end of the level alive and defeat the boss. Collecting fruit fills up your juice gauge. A full gauge will grant you juiced mode. Collecting coins allows you to buy powerups and weapons at juice vending machines. Optional goals: Find three diamonds and enter the bonus stage- Find the star for extra points- Defeat all enemies-Collect all fruit-Collect all coins-Finish all gameplay modes: 'Normal', 'Time Trial' and 'YOLO'.
Operating System Android