Recorder VR

Walk the streets of River Round in the skin of an authentic news camera. Make your story, records and first-person survives with Susan and Dan to unexpected dangers that await in this short virtual adventures. Requires VR glasses (headsets) or Google Cardboard. NOT Controller required. This virtual short film is translated in the following languages: Ingles, Spanish, Polish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch. Tested in: Samsung Galaxy s6 y s4, Nexus5, Bq m5. Just to share with your friends on Facebook the following link: us by mail:, Promotion Code, and you can download FREE this game, a new experience of Virtual Reality. Limited number of codes, Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this new game VR. Headset support vrArse, homido, Lakento, VRelia, Durovis Dive 5, H one, altergaze, Vr-park-II, Pico, bobovr, view master, vrizzmo, noon vr, vr shinecon, Letv LeVR cool1, Cmoar vr, Zeiss vr one, freefly vr, fibrum, vr box, refugio3d, Gamingvisor, Viewbox, dscvr, virtualvizor, VR lens Lab, fove, opto, XG, Homebox, Evolo, headset Decals, share, flatvr, hifly, evomade, iBlue, Virtual Reality Headset, Lettv, ibaddy, Magic, riem, riem2, deepoon m2, vico, onebutton, Blitzwolf, afunta, andoer, baofeng mojing, RV, Loop VR, LoopVR, OnePlus, laughing chewbacca lady, daydream, agapurnivr, realovirtual, wearvr, solar system vr.
Operating System Android