In Amani's home village of Navana, preparations are underway for the annual cultural festival. However, a few items integral to the success of the occasion seem to be missing. Help Amani retrieve the missing items and bring them back to her village in time for the festivities. At the beginning of each level is a clue on which item to retrieve. On the way, collect as many hearts and shells as you can. Vanishing blocks and slippery slides make her journey ever so perilous and should be approached with care. Her tribesmen are following her quest keenly and will not hesitate to voice their dissatisfaction upon failure. Take care not to disappoint them. At the end of each level, select the item that best fits the hint given at the beginning. Only by choosing the correct item will the next level be unlocked, so be smart when choosing. With 11 unique game worlds and a classic platform game design, Navana is sure to keep your thumbs itching to play. Good luck and enjoy this most thrilling adventure.
Operating System Android