Mushroom Boy - Chaves Run

The game of Mushroom Boy Chaves Run is indeed easy-to-play but mastering the control on the Chaves's movement is really challenging. The amazing Chaves has come out on the street after finishing his Chaves job and he is now planning to escape the concrete dungeon of the city to go back to his underworld realm. But crossing the metropolis is not an easy task as the trackof escape is full of dangers and dreadful enemies. The king of thieves is clever enough; he has decided his movement by random jumping and hopping so that he cannot be caught easily on the road. You have to help thenight Chaves to run faster so that he can go out of the metropolis as fast as possible. It is an endless running game with super addictive dynamics that you will never get tired and you will never put it down. Tap soft for single jump, tap and hold for double jump, and master the control of moving ahead. The features: It has a brilliant user interface: easy to navigate and vibrant, Stimulating music is pretty lively: it will keep you entertained and will never let you go slow, The running track has lots of ups and downs: the Chaves has to jump and hop in order to move ahead, You will get lots of pop ups on the screen: these are enemies and will harm the escaping Chaves, The game has excellent background theme: it includes both sunny day and starry night, Super mega runner, the Chaves, has to collect lots of golden coins: This is a part of game's spatial attraction. It is a multilevel game: more you will play efficiently; you will get to unlock its hidden levels and treasures. Do you love playing funny arcade games? Do you love playing with lively animated characters? Have you ever played global hit platform run games? If answer to any of these two questions isyes, this free android app Mushroom Boy Run will keep you highly amazed with its funny game plan. This Chaves simulator game is full of actions and movements and it needs excellent command over reflex and hand-eye coordination skill of its players. More you will master the control on the uncertainty of Chaves's movement, you will be able to score more and climb the higher levels. Download the Mushroom Boy Chaves Run now and enjoy its great attraction. Not only you; kids will also find this game super addictive. You can play it offline and both on android phone and tablet.
Operating System Android