King's Castle

King's Castle is a Adventure escape game, which is developed by the intention to make you feel thrilled and excited by playing 20 levels, each level makes you zapped, by solving puzzles, collecting objects, interacting yourself with the game to find the final destiny, here the objective is to enter the king's castle which make you await the final surprise as to what you have reached there and then get to know the purpose of reaching your final destiny. this journey of traveling 20 levels make you feel acquainted in this game and keeps you on go on your toes all the time, such enthrilled fun to play such a lovely game, makes you feel the ultimatum. The major attraction in this game is to how you interact with the objects and how you try to solve the puzzles and make you move ahead step by step to reach you known final episode of king's castle, keeps you in a suspense mode as what makes you travel the entire places and what is kept for you in entering the castle, finally when you enter the castle you will be moved literally.
Operating System Android