Chimpact Run TV

Chimpact Run -Yippee. Grab yourself the next installment of the MULTI-MILLION DOWNLOAD Chimpact series. Join with players around the world as you guide 'Chuck the chimp' and his 6 simian friends through this non-stop-action game. Challenges span 7 worlds of sheer graphical delight with power-ups galore to help you re-capture all the fire-flies and unlock cool new levels. Run, Skate, fly or rocket your way to victory, the choice is yours... just get across the finish line and grab those pesky fire-flies as you do so. The fun is endless, new periodic updates will ensure you keep coming back for more, so give it a blast you deserve it. MORE Chimpact games are here all with 4+ star ratings from our loyal fans: Thanks for looking.
Operating System Android