Sometimes You Die

This one is different. In this game, you have to die. G A M E. What is your motivation? What do you expect from this game? Do you want to beat it? How do you know it can be beaten? This game plays with expectation, illusion, and reality. P U Z Z L E S. Think before you act. Who knows what it means to die behind the screen? Is it only a number that goes up? Pixels that change their intensity? Solve disturbing, surprising, and malicious puzzles. D E A T H. Is it possible to go through the game without dying even once? Will you aim for it?. D I F F I C U L T Y. Some think the game is easy. I think, those haven't discovered the hidden levels yet. > "interactive art" > "manipulates expectations" > "borderline brilliant" > "messes with the players' heads" > "incredibly unique" > "extremely clever" > "must play"pocketgamer. co. uk > "deliciously unputdownable" > "play it, and love it"80+ levels. Hidden content. Wow factor. Epilepsy warning: One level includes fast flashing lights.
Operating System Android