Sevendays In horror -Escape-

The first horror action room escape indie game! Seven Days Inn horror has been released!And welcomed the upcoming Halloween Day will guide you in the deep fear everyone! Whatever always survive endure 7 days of fear!- Before the eye becomes suddenly dark, you containing the sleep.If you noticed, you had took the black and dark building by evil spirits.Powerful evil spirit comes to the revival to seven days later, a story that was dedicated as his last offerings forYou who got tired of fear to ask is, have looked around Enter in safety room the first people who were devoted to sacrifice it had made little by little to fight stand up to evil spiritsIf the container has occurred, rather then decided to prevent the resurrection of the evil spirits withstand this 7 days.Great for preventing the revival of huge evil endured the thirst of evil spirits and throat of fear to 7 days with win give me! safety room is the only sanctuary!- When the evil spirit is displayed, please close the electronic door and jumped into the safety room! It will protect from evils. thirst of the throat, another fear- The aura of evil spirits, will come thirsty to continue throat. Investigate the building for survival, to find the waterPlease put out! safely, quickly and turn to a day time!- The flow of time was even got locked in fear, here, the only time warp device makes us escape yourIt is locked in the current password! To explore around the map, the password won password hintIt is possible to move to the next day. feel graphics and sound- "Seven days in horror" is give a realistic graphics and sound!When you use the earphone, you can go into in a deeper fear Women and the elderly during pregnancy please be sure to note!- If you want a recharge water&electronic, Push a FREE CHARGE button.Recent changes:- Hints can look back after acquisition.- Gauge, you can charge at any time in the "Free recharge" button.- Improved graphics with sharper- Difficulty adjusted.(Water gage is slowly)- Change the glass door.-2 stage bug&hint Fixed - Gauge, you can charge at any time in the "Free recharge" button.- Fighting!Content rating: Medium Maturity
File Size48.32 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.