Conquer Online

Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG set in the world of ancient China.The game has a simple game-play and massive player base. The combat is fast paced and fluid and it offers a myriad of PvP options. In Conquer Online, you can choose from 9 awesome classes and become a martial arts master. While exploring the ancient oriental fantasy world, you can also make friends with other players all over the world, organize a guild, and even get married. Complete quests, challenge fierce monsters, enhance your gear, and finally you'll become a conqueror in the world of fighters. Since launched, Conquer Online has attracted over 10 million players, worldwide. This new expansion is about the Awakening of Monk, upgrading the Monk class with several new skills-Infernal Echo, Grace of Heaven and Wrath of the Emperor. A few thousand years ago, Golden Cicada traveled to the West. After many tribulations, he brought back sacred texts, and swept off the evils. However, devils are rising up again, dragging mortal beings into despair. All these miseries weighing on Golden Cicadas mind confirm his decision to search for the most faithful Monks and Saints as the savior. In the Western Fairyland, the Monks who complete Golden Cicadas trials will receive a Boundless Heart to forge a peerless Epic Weapon - Divine Pillar for their class.
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