Frog Bound

Guide your lone frog through action filled explosive traps as the maze keeper taunts you. Frog Bound is mostly played using arrow keys or you can change to gamepad on 'settings' from the menu, if you are using gamepad the button "shift" is replaced by button 1 and "space" by button 2. When you die you can press space to restart the level quicker, 'shift' triggers the frog's tongue, if there are flies on the level (boss battle) you can eat them and after doing so you can press 'shift' again to fire the fly. On platform levels you press 'shift' to jump. You may press 'f2' at any time to restart the game, 'esc' pauses the game and brings up a small menu where you can quit or restart the level (costs 1 life). You can also press 'esc' on the menu to quit. The objective of the game is to complete levels, in most cases by going to a glowing 'x' or sometimes a spinning green pad and often you can walk to another level by leaving the screen. However to do so you must most likely avoid systematic explosions or dangerous electric patterns. Explosions kill you at one point about 0.05seconds after they appear, so they are not dangerous for a long time even if the animation is still playing. Also watch out for fireballs, lazers, evil creatures etc. When you complete a set of levels (sometimes single) your game is saved, you also get a password you can use if you reinstall the game or play on a different computer, but you can also just click "resume game" on the main menu to continue if you have your named typed in. Note that by trying out a password (or pressing 'start new game') your previous save gets deleted, clicking 'enter password' will first show your current password. Currently there are 38 checkpoints, only the first 12 are available in the demo. On some levels you can find golden donuts, for every 3 golden donuts collected you unlock a new challenge on the challenge menu. (up to 5 available in demo) In the full version attempt hundreds of levels with intense puzzles and use the fully featured level editor to create your own challenges!
LicenseFree to try
File Size8.88 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows XP Windows NT Windows 2003 Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 2000