MostFun Tradewinds 2

You are a master commander, charged with overcoming manipulative pirates as you attempt to snag their ill-gotten loot. In your spare time, you can also buy and trade goods, gradually increasing your wealth and influence in various port villages. Explore more than twenty ports and trade at least ten different types of goods. Point of Game: Amass a great fortune as you explore more than 100 possible adventures and 60+ hours of gameplay. Quick Instructions: Take a look at your character's sidebar, which displays your portrait, the amount of money you have in the bank, and your ship and cargo stats. Explore various ports by clicking on the multiple icons with your mouse button. For more information, refer to the in-game tutorial. Good For: Pirates of the Caribbean fans, secret swashbucklers, and opportunistic closet looters. Tip: Purchase wine in the port store to use as a possible trade item with fellow port visitors. Version 1.2.5 improves installation.
License Free
File Size 601.98 kB
Version 1.2.5
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows XP Windows Vista
System Requirements Windows 2000/XP/Vista