Z Mini Game 18 - Blood, Gore, and Dismemberment

Blood, Gore, and Dismemberment is #18 in the Z Mini Games series. You are a pirate captain. Just yesterday, your ship was struck by a treacherous storm. You were forced to seek shelter on the nearest island that you could find. Little did you know, it was The Island of Lost Islands, an island that is rumored to harbor zombies, skeletons, aliens, and some tax evaders. You must brave the forests of the island, dismembering anything in your path to find materials to repair your ship. You must leave the island before the annual occurrence of the Scab Moon or you may find some unwelcome surprises. Good luck.
File Size8.31 MB
Operating System Windows Me Windows Windows 98 Windows XP Windows 2000
System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/2000/XP