Mysterious Journey II UK demo

A young man wakes in a cryogenic sleeper pod aboard a space station orbiting a desolate world. A recording left 200 years before tells him that he caused the desolation below, and that now he is to be punished for his crime. The derelict station is to be his prison and his tomb. In sixteen days it will fall from orbit. The problem is, Sen remembers none of it. Assume the role of Sen as he struggles to escape his prison and return to the strange new world that was once his home. Mysterious Journey II is a first-person, puzzle-oriented adventure game that follows up the story from the best-selling adventure game Schizm. Combining eye-catching environments with challenging puzzles, players must save an ancient colony from destruction. This demo allows players to explore two levels from the game.
Price USD 14.99
License Free to try
File Size 151.65 MB
Operating System Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 800MHz CPU, 64MB VRAM