The Shadow of Zorro demo

In 1822, Don Diego De La Vega's father, Don Alejandro, is convinced of the true identity of California's new head of police: the man in question goes by the name of Fuertes, a notorious war criminal also known as the Butcher of Zaragoza, widely believed to be dead. How did he survive his mortal wounds? What is he doing in California? Who is that beautiful young woman at his side with the sad expression in her eyes, that so enchants Don Diego? And why is the Professor, the enigmatic man who took Zorro under his wing and taught him everything, now frequenting his worst enemy? The Shadow of Zorro breaks new ground with a completely original storyline, authorized by the writer's family, and focuses on a different aspect of the famous law enforcer's persona: his roots. Who is his father? What is his childhood secret? And how did the famous "Z" signature come about?
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