Revenant demo

Revenant is a dark fantasy role-playing and adventure game that will immerse you in a visually stunning and changing environment. Interact with more than 40 characters as you choose from a variety of weapons, spells, armor, and magical items and battle hand to hand in the 3D fighting tradition. Revenant combines the realism of an adventure game with the exploration, character development, and gaming longevity of an RPG. The demo starts out with the character Locke in the tiny village of Misthaven. As Locke, you must survive long enough to find your way through the caves of Ahkuilon. You start off with a couple different suits of armor, and several weapons are also made available to you so that you can try different tactics on the island's creatures. You have access to a few spells, which will allow you to vanquish your foes more easily--but each one will cost you mana. To replenish your mana, you need to find mana potions somewhere on the island. The first part of your quest is to locate the entrance to the caves, then you can proceed through the caves, spelunking your way past skeletons, cinerate priests, and Earth golems. Only a true warrior of Ahkuilon can survive the rigors of the intense combats in this demo. This latest update has a few bug fixes from the original demo.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 41.09 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98
System Requirements None