Tomb Raider II demo featuring the Great Wall of China

The unstoppable Lara Croft is back in Tomb Raider II, combining the classic gameplay of Tomb Raider with new moves, weapons, puzzles, and more. Join Lara as she searches for The Dagger of Xian--an artifact hidden in an ancient Emperor's palace within the Great Wall of China. Legend has it that whoever drives the Dagger of Xian into his or her heart acquires the power of the dragon. Three parties covet this dagger, but for entirely different reasons. Lara Croft, forever the adventurer, is one of them. The game begins at The Great Wall of China as Lara searches for the doors to the Emperor's palace. As the doors open, the plot unfolds, sending Lara to the far-off locations of Venice, Tibet, and a sunken ship in search of clues.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
File Size 3.46 MB
Operating System Windows, Windows 95
System Requirements Pentium 90, Windows 95, 16MB RAM, DirectX 5.0