Siege Castles (Early Access)

Siege Castles is a tactical physics based Castle VS Castle game with siege weapons and magicBuild your own personal Castle, choosing which tactics to focus among all the possibilities to beat your enemies : ballista, catapult, trebuchet, cannon,Siege other players Castles with your own strategy that suits you siege style.Will you choose the arcane shields wall, the cannon waterfall or the garrison flood ? Or will you create your own unique Castle and conquer the seas ?To have the better Castle of the seven seas, you will have to upgrade your Islands town by affecting tasks to your villagers : gather gold, and work to gain enough spirit points to siege other players Castles.BUILD YOUR CUSTOM CASTLESBuild on your islands kingdom town and unlock powerful siege weapons to upgrade your Castle. Combine different materials like stone, wood, iron and crystal to make the best siege castle ever.Will you choose a bigger Castle with less durable materials, or a small metallic one ?CHOOSE YOUR SIEGE WEAPONSUse the fast ballista to block projectiles about to hit your castleMake joy in launching a 90 kg stone projectile over 300 meters with the trebuchetIf youre a big catapult guy thats fine too weve got you coveredUnlock the powerful cannon and unleash hell!PROTECT YOUR CASTLEUse the arcane shield to bounce back the projectiles to your opponent's CastleSend the garrison to crush directly your ennemy's castleClaim epic rewards and get powerful upgrades to your CastleExpand your Kingdom and rule your island!This is a beta version and you can help us make it the best castle battle game ever! If you have ideas for the game such as new troops, spells, siege weapons or other things for castle or any feedback at all write on our site:
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.3.86
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android