Iron Hero Warrior

Get ready to play Iron Hero Warrior ninja fighting free game 2020 iron robot police game! to fight in the vegas crime city as a ultimate iron hero, robot fighting games and iron superhero will play face to face in vegas city and city of dark streets. Ultimate iron hero is ready to fight with other hero fighting games and mafia war in this amazing superhero games. You have to start street fights as the ultimate iron hero as beginner and increase the level of skill set in iron hero city survival war, iron and man of iron is always a huge helpful handy hand to save the public in city of dark streets and downtown by mafia gangs, refugees and hostages like iron hero games. Ultimate iron hero is similar to the real situation Unknown crime lord attacked, start in ultimate iron hero, your super attacks and checks your level of skills. Build player, kill enemies and save people in iron hero games and man games of grand beast mafia war. Rush into street fights as the iron hero fighter hero in the city of Miami! Ultimate iron hero is one of the best game of 2020 iron robot police game! as we give everything to you in superhero fighting adventure game.How to play?You are given variety of smooth controls to put your feet in the shoes of iron superhero. There are two joysticks in this offline game, one to control the movement of iron hero and other is to control the direction of iron attacks in robot fighting adventure game.Tap Jump button to jump in the air like a Flying Iron Hero Warrior.Press and hold the Run button to continuously run in superhero war, to rescue the people.And last but not the least, Attack button to start attack. That's also a press n hold button in Flying Iron Hero Warrior.Tap flying button to fly in the sky of beautiful world of iron hero game.Take that superhero fighting games to a whole new level with this iron superhero and so called immortal superheroes. Ultimate iron hero city survival war is the battleground of super iron hero in the mighty superhero adventure game of iron. Be man to finish all of them with your superpowers of flying iron hero. Beat the grand immortal devils with your supernatural powers of iron and metal in this superhero adventure game of iron hero.Iron heroes are ready to take the control of security measurements in the vegas city, full of criminals and mafia. Eliminate street fights & bandits as the crime fighter hero all of them in this brutal iron hero war.Key Features of Iron Hero Warrior are:* Interesting dynamic challenges* Real-time physics base game* level up your armours* Superb Robot Icon Hero Warrior ActionYou need to improve your adventure skills as iron superhero for street fighting against mafia gangster in ultimate iron hero and Ultimate steel combat which have super kicks, super punch and fight. You may have played many fighting games and shooting games but I am sure you would have never played flying iron hero war free game in your life and have fantastic enjoyment for you. Now its time to get special expertise and masterclass act in the world classic battle games.So! Stop browsing now and install this masterpiece form MRK07 Games,Dont forget to share your valuable feedback with us
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up