Robot Shooting War Games: Robots Battle Simulator

Welcome to the ultimate battle of future where you fight your own creation - the battle robots! This is a deadly combat against the futuristic war of robots which will challenge you.Things have gotten out of hand and the steel robots have teamed up against humans. It is time to counter the war robot and show them who is the boss in survival games. This game will test your combat skills and see if you are the real steel champions. In the battle robot games you have to forget all the rules and show your full calibre by fighting robots. You are a robocop and have to save humanity by attacking the wrb war of robots. The only rule you know is to kill in war games. This will be an fps epic battle games. It will be a mech games challenge. Learn the robot fighting tactics of boxing games. Show your amazing gun shooting games skills. Strike at the war machines in robot games. The max steel robots have come with a brutal plan and they won't be defeated unless you come up with a strategy they cannot beat.Learn the Survival Tactics of Robot GamesFuturistic games is totally action packed where the ultimate battleship of war robotbegins with the battle robots in survival games. Enemy robots are only waiting for their master robot war machines to get into the field and then the wrb robot battle begins. The futuristic war games is the best among all the walking war robots shooting games. It will be a fps fighting games of robocop in wrb robot games. This game is for real steel champions.AMAZING FEATURES-Plan smartly how you will lead the army in robot fighting mech games-First person shooting games with the battle robots in an epic battle games-This mech games offers smooth and easy control gameplay in survival games-Variety of weapons are available to kill the deadly attackers in walking war robot-Best HD 3D realistic max steel robot environment which will give you a futuristic feel in sniper games-Challenging survival games missions in gun shooting games-Unlock new levels and sniper assassin missions by fighting robots in action games-Collect rewards and upgrade your weapons in boxing games of mech battle-Amazing robot fight background sound effects with realistic animations of robocop in wrestling games-Become the survival champion in 3v3 robot fighting gamesIMPEACH THE ENEMYThey will decide who takes over the world. It is a war with battle robots in survival games. Play as a robocop in mech games and prove your real steel boxing in the transformers games and become the champion of shooting games in war of robots. First person shooter games with the challenge of fighting robots. The ultimate sniper games walking war robot fight in boxing games is about to begin. In this fighting games you have to prove your metal by killing the battle bots in war games. You are here for 3v3 fighting robot warriors in robot games. A shooting games to remember. This will be a robot fighting games you will be hooked to for hours with deadly combat missions of sniper games.An overpowering robot war experienceDownload NOW the amazing robot fighting games. In the sniper games, choose the weapon which you think will save you from this deadly attack. Jump in the battle games and start showing your real steel boxing in transformers games. You have to be and lead the army in sniper games. Strike at the terrorists in 3v3 robot games. It is a fighting robots shooting games of modern strike in sniper games. War games are designed for the max steel walking war robot fighting games lovers who want to win at boxing games. The robots surely are here to stay unless you beat them with your mastermind strategy. Only then do you stand a chance against these deadly creatures.
License Free
Version 1.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up