Anti Terrorism Strike Counter Terrorist Open War

Play modern fps shooting game free, counter terrorist attack gun war game & combat strike free shooting game with powerful weapons for counter gun strike on enemy. Enemy strike the city, modern combat strike force deployed for counter gun strike on the enemies. Kill enemy, let them scream. Hit them with gun bullets like counter terrorist strike. Take action with army training games, kill shot bravo shooting man.Ranger bots ready to fights among you. Hijack commando rescue situation has made everyone very tensed and everyone is worried for the high profile hostages of front-line terrorist attack shooting and fort night battlegrounds action war games. It's a secret hostage rescue commando ops. Shoot assassin enemies at frontier wars and battlefield give counter terrorist skill.You are well trained army sharp shooter one of the best ssg commando of your army force in best commando games. Solider get army training from the army camp excellent shooting ability with sniper skills like a sharp shooting commando in sniper games for free.You are welcome to the anti terrorism strike counter terrorist open war aiming and shooting range of deadly enemies and terrorists in city and different war environment 3d, crazy wild terrorists loaded with heavy guns shooting in the battlefield games are new style of destroy the evil plan and power of terrorists.Shoot the deadly enemies alone on city streets is not easy because there is an enemy strike on your city where number of terrorists are in search of you on the city roads where you are taking aim to target them with different powerful elite army guns and hunt down the brutal enemies in the city to reinforce peace.Counter terrorist attack shooting game is best among rest of free army shooting games and sniper shooting simulation games and it has powerful weapons, team of powerful ai bots. Soldier games player love to play counter terrorist attack gunlegends anti terrorism counter terrorist killer in counter terrorist open war game. Assassin frontier war way playing counter terrorist open war death games. Soldier fight in fps games black operations at mid nights, blood & chaos in dead warfare and killing the un killed during swat strike major real gun attack in 3d game you have to need show your best sniping, shooting, quick aiming and fighting skills to eliminate the terrorist don't let them escape from your attack.A blazing sniper shooter commando will accompany you during first anti-terrorist counter terrorist strike mission in counter terrorist attack gun war game. War game, a war against war on terror shooting game and win the war with blazing sniper and major gun strike. Anti terrorism strike counter terrorist open war is an action first person shooting war game. You are the brave assassin in the army, destroy the terrorists who mask, arm ak47, m4 ,and carry destructive weapons. Try to surround terrorists , so that those ferocious terrorists nowhere to escape.You are the most courageous, bravest, a fearless critical special ops shooting combat commando thats why you have been call of commando for us army rescue assassin mission.Commando counter terrorist attack kill the terrorist in sniper arena in the battlefield army with commando group with blood & chaos war of colony art of conquest will kill the terrorist soldier open war in swat strike gun war games gun war tactical shooting rivals warfare strike war on open war counter terrorist & gun strike shoot killer game with terrorist counter soldier squad strike and counter terrorist in battle zone.Swat strike with cover fire from ai bots and rival fire in modern combat counter attack. Protect yourself and fellow soldiers during counter terrorist attack.Pickup guns from enemy, pickup medical box to power up and protect combat players from counter terrorist firings during the missions.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up