Five Nights at Memes' DEMO

Warning! This is the DEMO version.Can you survive five nights with Memes ? Whatever you think, welcome here in the MEMES PIZZERIA!You can see the top 7 memes in one game. The Ugandan Knuckles, Bongo Cat, Sans, Big Chungus, Somebody toucha my spaghet and Sanic in one place!Do you want to play? Here is a tutorial to the game:So, Don't you want to die in the game? I will show you, how to defend yourself from the memes . Let is get it started with the 1st meme:Ugandan Knuckles: If he speaks, close both doors. If he stops the speaking, wait 1-2 seconds, and open the doors.Was it hard? No? Ok, let is go to the 2nd Meme .Bongo Cat: If he is in your (left) door, close it. Wait 5-6 seconds, open the door. (If he is in your door, the alarm starts. And the door closer button starts vibrating.)Wow! Amazing! You already know 2 out of 7.Sans: If he is in your (right) door, close it. Wait 5-6 seconds, open the door. (If he is in your door, the alarm starts. And the door closer button starts vibrating.)And now... The king is coming:Big Chungus: Look the 3rd camera. If he is too close, shock him. (Cost: 1% power.)I think: it may be difficult then the before.Somebody toucha my spaghet: Look the Bottom-Left corner. If 2-4 tube are broken, go to the 4th camera, and repair they. Cost of repair: 1%If only 1 tube is broken: 1%.If 2 tubes are broken: 1%.If 3 tubes are broken: 1%.If 4 tubes are broken: 1%.If 5 tubes are broken: You are dead.You already know 5 characters!!!Ricardo: If his door is open, close it in the 5th camera. (If the door is open, an icon appears in the bottom-left corner.)Did you know? Ricardo is the most hot.... hard character in the game. No. This was a joke. He is not. But... NO...Sanic virus: If the virus starts, close it in the camera system. You have just 7 seconds. (If the virus, the Sanic music as well starts, and an icon appears in the bottom-left corner.)Yes. He was the last.And now: Mechanics...You have 2 monitors. You can find information about these:-What time is is?-How much is the power?-How much is the temperature?-How much is the power-activity?There are two buttons on it: With these you can open/close the doors.Fan: If you click it, it turns on/off. (If it is off, you can save power.)Look the bottom-left corner. It tells a lot of things.You can open the camera with the bottom button.(In the camera...) Touch the eye icon, to switch on the night vision, or double-touch on a random cam.In the camera "1a, 1b, 2a, 2b" you can see the movements of the animatronics.In the camera 3 you can shock Big Chungus.In the camera 4 you can repair tubes of Somebody toucha my spaghet.In the camera 5 you can close Ricardos door.In the camera you can close Sanics virus.Email: TwoBrosComp@gmail.comIf you found a bug, please report it to me. Thank you!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.2.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 6.0 and up