Boet Fighter

Set in Fourways, Johannesburg, Boet Fighter is a cartoon, side-scrolling, 2D, platform, beat-'em-up, paying homage to the likes of Double Dragon and Golden Axe, with a hint of Street Fighter, a big bag of jokes, a sprinkle or two of creatine, and some performance-enhancing chemicals from Eastern Europe. It can bench-press 150kg.In each hand.As a warm up.Boet Fighter tells the tale of Hard Eddy the greatest boet (South African for bro, jock, or chad, pretty much) in all of Fourways as he fights his way through Johannesburg on an hysterical weekend-long quest that will go down forever as legend.Also, its a good way to learn a lot of South African slang.
License Free
Version 1.14
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up