Shark City Attack 3D : Shark Games

Have you ever dreamt of going underwater and hunting sharks? Then make this dream a reality by playing this shark hunting game.Welcome to professional Hungry And Deadly Shark Hunting game. It is a simple, challenging and very interesting game. In this game, you have two different types of game modes.I) Hunter Mode: In this mode, you can kill as many sharks as possible. Here, you have a maximum of three lives. If you fail to shoot the shark once, you will lose one life.II) Survive Mode: By the name itself, you can understand, you have to survive from the Hungry And Deadly sharks.Experience some amazing underwater effects by hunting sharks and become a shark hunter.Wage a battle against these Hungry And Deadly sharks, by shooting as many as possible. Take a close look at the sharks, by aiming at it, before pulling the trigger and shooting them down.Become a skilled hunter, by shooting, these flesh Hungry And Deadly sharks. Stay focussed throughout this shooting game so that you do not get killed by these Hungry And Deadly sharks.Experience the thrill of shooting and hunting down, the Hungry And Deadly sharks, waiting for its prey.Earn the title of an underwater hunter, by killing, as many sharks as possible.Feel real time hunting experience by playing this game.Enjoy hunting the Sharks and beware of Hungry And Starving Sharks..!!Key Features of Hungry And Deadly Shark Hunting*Easy to Play.*Two types of Game play modes.*Nice Under Water Effects.*Different kinds of sharks with nice animation.Instructions for Hungry And Starving Shark Hunting*Aim the Sharks using zooming lenses.*Kill the Sharks when shark comes to the centre of aim position.Enjoy shooting, the sharks underwater, in the blue sea, by playing this gun game and sniper game, or whale killing game and hunting shark game, which is one of the best shooting games and animal sniper games, or animals killing games and gun games.In the hunter mode, beware of the sudden attacks of the sharks, in this shark hunter game, or shark attack hunting game and real shark hunting game, which is one of the best Shooter games and shark games for kids, or best shooting games and killer games.Get this Hungary shark game download, or one of the best Hungary shark games free download and top Hungary shark games download, on android.Become an expert sniper shooter, by shooting as many sharks as possible and scoring maximum points, by playing this new Hungary shark game free and shark hunting deep dive game, which is one of the best killer games and shark eating games, or shark fishing games and hunt games.Use the sniper gun effectively, as a shark hunter, to survive from the Hungary sharks, in this gun game and shark game for free, which is one of the best killer games and shark eating games, or underwater shark hunting games and real Hungary shark attack games.Take up the challenge of surviving from the Hungary sharks, by playing this underwater shark game and sniper killer game, which is one of the best underwater hunting games and shark games new, or animal sniper hunting games and sniper shooting games 3d.Kill as many sharks as possible and survive as long as possible in the survive mode of this sniper shooting game, which is one of the best sniper animal hunting games and sniper shooting free games.Its time to get one of the best shark games and shark eating games, that too for free.Download this shark City hunting game for free, to have some fun by hunting sharks and overcoming shark attacks.Mega Shark City hunting is one of the best hunting games. Download this top shooting game for free and hunt down the Hungary sharks to become a hunter.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up