Gangster Detroit

A third person gangster simulator with whole new missions and features.During hard times start you were a member of a gang of violent criminals. You performed criminal jobs for your bosses. Now you have become a member of ultimate city mafia.In early stages of your gang theft, you faced many mafia gangs in different encounters. Some of their gang members became your sworn enemies and they are now serious threat for you in vice city. Find those members of other gangs and eliminate them before they do the same to you.While making your career in this crime simulator as auto gangster, you become legendry level mafia, keep doing your dirty works through out gangster city. Rob money from people. Steal super cars and enjoy driving them, while breaking the law is more of your kind of stuff in grand city gangster simulator. Shoot other gang members in order to clean Detroit city from mafia and real gangsters. Rob banks of crime city and get rich in no time. While you are robbing a bank keep an eye for police, if they start chasing you, challenge yourself to avoid them by disappearing in the crowded city or else you will start a war with police too.As you are a gangster, assassination must also be your profession, and assassinating the bosses of other gang will directly improve your gangster level in Vegas city wanted list, and you will be ranking high in the underworld. You can do assignation jobs with snipers, rifles, or shooting them in the crowd by silencer pistols. Shooting them in helicopter flight is also possible. Set on the top of skyscrapers.You can drive different cars in this crime simulator. But more special is about flying gliders and helicopters in order to enjoy the life aside from your mafia activities.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up