Ball Drop - Hit the Glass

Stick man troll is a bad guy. Drop the ball and break the glasses to stop him.If all the glasses don't fall, he still continues to be destructive. Break the glasses with the number of balls you drop as little as possible. Youll win.Do you have what it takes to drop ball on a glass and spill water, or better yet smash the glass? Then play Drop it and Spill - a physics based game. It is one of the best physics brain games 2019. This physics based game is very easy to get into and can provide a relaxing experience for brain .The main goal of Drop it and Spill is to drop ball on a glass and try to spill water in the bottle to make the troll angry ; in this process you can make the glass break. It is one of the few physics games 2019 that lets you play on a whopping lot diverse levels with varying difficulty. In each level, you get a set amount of balls that you have to drop on the glass with perfect hit. Depending on how less balls you have used to smash the glass or spill water, stars are awarded out of 3. You can get missing stars by watching a video. The game lets you restart the level mid-game and also lets you skip difficult levels by simply watching a video. You play the game by positioning the ball by dragging your finger horizontally on the screen and the ball moves with it. When you think it is time to drop ball, you remove your finger and it drops. The glasses are placed in a puzzle-like way on different shelves so you have to make the ball drop in such a way that it makes the glass break or spill water with as few balls as possible to do the best prink.This physics based game is one of the few games that allows you to customize your experience by a lot. So when you make the ball drop and it makes the glass break, you get a colorful spill according to your choice. Same with the ball and the background theme; you have the option to choose from balls squar, and much more to make the ball drop your very own. You unlock these customization options with coins. Coins are earned by finishing levels. And if you really like something and dont have enough coins, you can by watching a video and getting 100 coins.Drop it and flip bottle is one of the few physics games 2019 that lets you release all your brain on the glass by letting you smash the glass to your heart's content. It is one of the most relaxing yet addicting games out there and definitely worth playing!Challenge yourself by being creative and don't be afraid to think out of the box! A lot of physics puzzles are waiting for you. Pick up your ball and break everything.Its easy to lay. But its harder if you want to achieve all 3 stars.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up