Navy Super Hero Warship Battle

Navy Super Hero Warship BattleEmbark on special mission to save your city in this action filled shooting gameUnleash your super navy military commando army soldier hero powers in this free to play open world free roam navy war ship stealth gun shooting action game. You play the role of a brave naval military commando counter terrorist army soldier who is on a special ops secret mission to destroy enemy navy war ship along with the lethal nuclear weapon it is carrying. Ruthless brutal lethal enemy special forces have planned to use the lethal nuclear weapon to destroy your city which means you need to kill everyone on the enemy navy war ship to get your hands on the lethal nuclear weapon in order to save your city from destruction in this gun shooting action filled first person shooter FPS game. Lives of all the innocent people of your city is in your hands now. Its time for you to stop the enemy & to save your city to be a true hero of every one of your citys citizen. You have been trained by the best of navy military army counter terrorist forces & are considered an elite commando soldier with skills such as war combat, fighting, sniper gun shooting & survival. To help you with your secret special ops stealth mission navy military army is providing you with modern weapons & guns like sniper rifle, m4a1 & grenades. Its not just a secret special ops missions its a war against enemy special forces to defeat them & secure your city & you need to win this war no matter what.Youll land on the antagonist war ship & air craft carrier carrying the brutal nuclear bomb & plenty of fighter air plane jets. You mission will take you through different parts of the ship. Youll have to gather resources, modern weapons & guns in order to survive & combat the vice ruthless enemy. To ensure your survival & success in this battle youll have to rely on your stealth & gun shooting skills. Vice enemy will not leave a single chance to strike at you & kill you which means that youll have to be alert at all times & ready to strike back hard. This special ops navy army anti terrorist military mission will push you into heavy gun shooting. Counter the gun shooting & enemy strikes to win this war. Move stealthy to not be noticed by the vice enemy. Shooting at the right time & accurate aim will help make your strikes more effective & moving swiftly in stealthy way will make sure that you successfully counter enemy attacks. Shoot & fight enemy special forces to clear the war ship. The survival of your city & its innocent citizens depends on you. All the people of your city & navy army anti terrorists military has put their trust in you. Prove their trust right by killing every member of enemy special forces & emerge as a true war hero by winning this battle for your city & its innocent citizens.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up