Cyberpunk 2069

Welcome to city 17, a dark dystopian city in the year 2069. Multi trillion dollar mega corporations rule the world. You are a muscle for hire. You have accepted a contract from an unknown client. Your task is to clear city 17 from the holds of HexCorp corporation. HexCorp corporation's private military controls city 17.Features :* Beautiful Graphics* Lots of weapons* Challenging Enemies* Immersive Gameplay* Immersive Sound Track* Highly optimized for great performance* Four awesome levels (more coming)Fight through dark , gritty but colorful rainy and spectacular streets and alleys of city 17. Your enemies are armored and tough but no one walks with a bullet in their head. The Cyberpunk theme and music of the game will immerse you into its beautiful world.Find lots of guns and hidden health packs. Perform head-shot kills for cool bullet time effect. Fight through several Levels to defeat HexCorp Army.
Price 50
License Purchase
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up