Call of battle Survival Duty Modern FPS strike

Are you a fan of FPS shooting games? Heres some great news for First Person Shooter Lover. Deep challenging storyline, Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization, even on low-performing devices where you enjoy modern FPS Strike and on duty command gun force during real battle royal war.Take part in the battlefield and Fight like fire fps free commando in real battle land and kill all hopeless undead enemies of survival warfare and don't forget to make call of modern Fps ops survival soldiers on duty as back up during fight for survival in battle land.Call of battle Survival Duty Modern FPS strike is a action survival battle mobile games. You play this fps shooting game in battlefields as a part of special on duty gun force to end the critical strike. Start a secret modern fps ops mission with most compelling weapons and kill all tropes making call of fps missions. Start survival battle and become hero during counter strike black ops mission ,this tropes will lead the battle land hopeless solider fight for survival through deserts ,ruined cities and area taken by enemy battle royal tropes with the best trained gun force commando . Select your desired fire fps free bullet of legend weapons during UNLIMITED warfare missions and customize them to show your skills during Modern FPS strike .In Call of battle Survival Duty Modern FPS strike Mobile game you will make fun during missions in several classic maps and modes. You can make back up call of help to their solider when you are critical injured by the gun force of fire free duty hopeless solider during battle land battler looking for fight for survival. You can select deadly warfare weapons by your own choice without any cost, and start hunting fire fps free warfare commando and many deadly Zombies DOG in battlegrounds of Modern FPS strike.FEATURES:i. Unique Death Match Modes with unique gun force abilities in HD environments.ii. Deadly Zombies DOG During Battle Royal Missions Modes.iii. Different Battlegrounds Maps to try your shooting skills by finding enemys weak spots on duty.iv. Deadly weapons: pistols, Machine Guns, snipers, shotgun, grenades and rockets .v. Helicopter and Vehicles to move around different Perfect optimization, even on weak devices to enjoy fire free shooter Modes.vii. Beautiful HD Graphics and Easy Controls to Handle bullet of legend Weapons.viii. Play as Modern FPS critical strike Agents, each equipped with gun force.ix. Complete Missions and get promoted to higher levels where the call of battlegrounds duty hits new heights of free fps shooting games.1. PLAY DEATH MATCH & BATTLE FIRE ROYAL MODEIn Call of battle Survival Duty Modern FPS strike you can select two mode,one is battle royal mode and second is Death Match which is a unique take for Call of warfare universe. Join call of fps shooter missions and fight with free fps fire battlefields commandos on different map locations from across the Modern FPS strike hopeless fight for survival. Team up with 100 tropes fight for survival operation in death match or battle royal mode with Solo, Duo, or Quad fire free mechanism. Fly Helicopter and drive variety of 4x4s vehicles in battles land across desert, sea, and air! Before you drop from helicopter dont forget to make call of battle royal commando which are on duty.2. HD Graphics and Realistic AnimationsThe Call of FPS Commando on Duty creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with realistic warfare gameplay effects and a massive 3D map, perfectly design for the critical strike action. Feel free to fire during Missions as you play battle royal with deadly weapons.3. Fair FPS Shooting Gaming EnvironmentStrong anti-cheating mechanisms in call of battlegrounds Duty Modern FPS Strike OPS ensure a fair gun force environment for all modern fps ops fire fps free battlefields players.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up