Crazy Big Bosses

You play the madman, delirious with hallucinations... After a long treatment Glavvrach came to the conclusion that the only way to recover will be a victory within the hallucinations. Now you need to defeat monsters inspired by a sick imagination in order to complete the recovery. At your disposal is all kinds of trash, which can hit your face during the hallucinations. But the monsters are not so easy to dispatch... 4 monsters with this style of fighting and super-powers will keep you in their grasp. To defeat them all you need again and again is to destroy the opponents, because you can not actually die - it's just a hallucination. It will only end by defeating monsters...
Price 0
License Free
File Size 4.34 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows 2003 Windows NT Windows 98 Windows 8 Windows XP Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows Server 2016