Secret Agent Stealth Survival Spy Mission Games

Secret Agent Stealth Survival GameFrom the makers of Underwater: Robot Stealth Spy we bring another stealth survival mission game Secret Agent Stealth Survival is a Sci-Fi game unlike our robot Stealth spy mission game. It takes secret agent game to the next level with real feel of working on secret stealth survival mission as undercover secret spy being a secret agent elite mission on mission impossible you get to use the latest RC toys for modern warfare for stealth action in super hero escape mission.After going through the US army training school you are bin recruited by the secret service agency for secret agent spy mission in challenging spy stealth games. Highly trained to operate under the radar on stealth missions, secret mission requires a ghost to the real world. Stealth operation are only successful when you take challenging secret agent spy mission with the ability to move quickly and sneak skills to steal or move undetected from shadow to shadow to strike enemies with the element of surprise. Using latest RC technology for surveillance and spy on your enemy base, plan your assault mission more efficiently. Infiltrate Enemies Intelligence with the help of a RC Car (Remote Control) offroad truck and pin point the locations best suited for an assault attack to neutralize enemy base. Start your secret agent spy mission by gathering data of your enemy base to plan your strike by using RC Car (remote controlled) Offroad track small in size, enters the enemy army base undetected, gather intelligence on obstacles awaits, be careful and avoid Surveillance cams to stay in stealth mode. The Secret service agency has equipped you with all the gear RC Car, Night Vision goggle, dagger, silencer pistol and MP4 SMG, stealth operation require to be like a ghost so a silencer pistol or dagger is the ideal choice of weapons. Moving from Shadow to Shadow to strike at you enemies with your marksman aim with a silencer weapon, assault with dagger to complete your mission.Secret Agent Stealth Survival Game Features:o Challenging secret stealth games mission for real spyo RC Car Remote control Car for Intelligence gatheringo Spy Gadgets silenced weapons, night vision and melee attacko A.I based armed enemies and Surveillance Camso Real 3d Graphics with 3rd Person Controlso Different stealth game missionso Agent Spy Gadgets Silenced Weapons, Night Vision & Melee Attacko Swat Spy missions with a task to destroy all targets with c4 explosives
License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.3 and up