Zombies Space HD

Master the World from Space! In this new and horrifying Android application you must take control of a Zombie spaceship and get to the base of the Central Earth.If you like retro games, you like killing Zombies and you like to control your own spaceship , this is your game, try it now free in HD!HISTORYYear 2134 : The world we knew no longer exists, 100 years ago an alien invasion Earth succumbed , had no escape. Our scientists took 10 years to find a powerful enough to destroy the invaders weapon. But when used ... ZzZ GGG GGG ...The invaders were destroyed , but ... were unable to withstand the destruction , chemicals every day we desolated further what we knew as the "Land " ... We turned , we were transformed ... in Zombies!Were only a small group of people, but we have a cure , and we need to take it to the central database . We have stolen a ship to "Zombies" , we should be cautious , we can not be viewed .FEATURES- Control your own spaceship Zombie !- HD graphics ! Free Quality has come to Android!- Control system very simple and done it!- Over 50 quests available !CONTACT , HELP AND SUGGESTIONS- Contact us at androtiyas@gmail.com- Enter the web androtiyas.es
Operating System Android