Zombie Space Station

You have been assigned to clear the space station affected zombie virus. You are armed to the teeth Zombie Hunter is available in your pistols, submachine guns, knives, grenades, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, machine guns in general, a complete set for sowing chaos and destruction. Shoot everything that moves and do not forget to look under their feet and turn around, zombies can attack you unexpectedly. Go deadly wave machine gun whirlwind, blasting, cutting and nashpigovyvaya lead all who will stand in your way. Spread them on the walls of the corridors.Army Sniper Assassin 3d elite goal - Best 3d shooter game, action and shooting games, sniper 3d 2015! These shooter games and sniper killer killer 3D games for free.The war against the elite special forces - Sniper Assassin started!The game is a first person shooter - (FPS)vie sniper 3d! You will play against contra strike Spetsnaz Comando 3d - commando against the gangster! You will play against voynushki Swat Special Forces! The purpose of the enemy. The second objective of the terrorists. You are a hero - the killer of terrorists who want to destroy the world! We need to develop military strategy combat strike quickly and accurately to kill - shoot enemies! You're a contract killer who escaped from the underground. It is necessary to free the world, to get the title of the best sniper, and fight for glory and freedom!Night on the battlefield, you must pass through the defense and kill terrorists pick up a dead army friends! Accurate shots of weapons guarantee victory! Your gun and sniper rifle ak 47. At the end of the mission you have to kill the boss Counter Strike - terrorists! Terrorists have caused you to fight in the battle of heroes will be only one winner! The battle will be long and terrible mission!You are a hunter who hunts in the dead zone, the zombie terrorists.Now there is a real war adventure with a lot of snipers shoot!In this game you are a sniper survivor of an elite commando sniper Army - Soldier! You are an army sniper - Special Forces in Russia (Moscow)soldier and your mission is to use FLV shooting skills, aim and shoot at the enemy suicide and survival in this shooter game. On the front lines in the war zone were not object to destroy, shoot the terrorists, as they do not reduce you and your commando soldiers. Battle enemies with 6 state-of-the-art sniper rifles and many other weapons.Now you have a great opportunity to fight the enemies and to show themselves on the battlefield!Place the game - the urban jungle to avoid the desert, the Amazon River.Arsenal of weapons - sniper rifle, crossbow, 20 rounds of ammunition, weapons, ak 47.Shoot at the terrorists and become heroes in battle!Target shooting and become the best sniper killer in the war with the enemy.It is a shooter, created for those who love (action games), first-person shooter 3dot! These shooting games sniper game for adults to play a person under 18! This shooter works without Wi fi connection!
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