ZOMBIE Kill Smash & Shot Zombi

Do you like horror action and gore movies?Brains!!! Walkers! Undead and Zombies!!!ZOMBIE MASSACRE is a dangerously addictive skill game in which the object is simply to slices up as much Zombie heads as you can.In ZOMBIE MASSACRE, the player slices Zombie heads with a machete controlled via the touch screen.As the Zombie head is thrown onto the screen, the player swipes their finger across the screen to create a tracing motion, attempting to slices the walker head in half.Extra points are awarded for slicing multiple Zombie heads with one swipe, and players can use additional fingers to make multiple slices simultaneously.Players must slice all Zombie heads; if three Zombie head are missed, the game ends, but upon reaching scores that are multiples of fifty (i.e. 50,100, 150, 200, 250, etc.), the player will gain an extra life.The rules are very simple!BOMBS are occasionally thrown onto the screen, and will also end the game should the player slice them.- Fun to play.- Intuitive and precise touchscreen controls for a quick and easy learning curve- Bright, colorful gameplay with delicious object splatters and sound effects- Combo chains and critical hits- Amazing visuals & immersive CD quality audio.- Intense zombie-blasting action game play fit for subway time.- FREE to play 4 lifeGet ready to defend your city as a mob of zombies masacreReviewApp.com - It's a Tsunami of FUN! A fun-packed thrill-ride of destruction, excitement and tasty brains!Kill ZOMBIES or simply kill time with our app while stuck in a traffic jam or long lines.
Operating System Android