Zombeo And Juliet

Once upon a time, Romeo was in love and Juliet was...a princess. Because princesses are cool!Then, Suddenly, Romeo got changed into a Zombie... by some evil filthy Witch.Chased by Juliet's family bodyguards, incarnate Zombeo and do whatever your love tells you to do:Kiss Juliet and Defeat the Dark Evil Witch!Be part of the most amazing love Adventure of all time!-Through more than 12 Missions, try to escape the guards and kiss your beloved princess.-Unlock the "Endless love" and beat the other players' world scores!-Find the 30 "Ruby Hearts" and unlock a big surprise!Use the Joystick to move and press the Jump Button to access upper areas.Game Features- Stylised 3D graphics- More than 12 Missions- "Love Story" mode- "Endless love" mode- Secret Hero Skin to unlock
Operating System Android