Yeti Sports Action

Yeti is practicing javelin throw with a penguin. Help him achieve the record breaking feat by releasing the penguin when it is at its peak. If Yeti gets skilled enough, he might go to the Olympics and get a gold medal! That would make him really happy!The object of the game is to swing a penguin and throw him up in the air as high as possible. Click once to start swinging and again to release. Timing is everything to get the swing right, and with the help of the sea lions who toss the penguin further into the air you could get a cool top score. I bet that penguin feels sore in the morning though!Seal Bounce represents the title of the third installment in the series of yeti Sports. As for the first two games, you will still remain in frozen territories where a new challenge appeared. This time, the adventure goes vertically for the penguin, as he will not have to travel in terms of length.You will have to spin the penguin in your hands (in Yeti's hands, to be more specific)until you feel that you can throw it perfectly enough to go upwards. Other than that, you will also have some help from some seals that are on the sides of the "tunnel."The game presented here is called Yeti Sports 3. It's a strategy game featuring the legendary Yeti. Now, in this edition you'll help our legendary hero to beat the record of throwing the penguins into the air.The aim is to have fun and laugh while using the spacebar and your mouse. Enjoy the fine graphics, the snowy landscapes, the sea lions and more.Now, in Yeti Sports 3 the Yeti will be on a small iceberg and he'll launch his friends the penguins just like an olympic athlete throwing the hammer. They'll spin high up in the air between two walls of ice and the sea lions will help them even getting higher if one of the walls gets touched.
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