Infinite Fire

Endless wasting natural resources and severe destructions of environment directly made Earth an unsuitable planet as hell to live. Special Agency of Human Life realizes the importance of searching new place for human to live and announce that intention to the public. There are some brave fighters who volunteers to take the responsibility and set off to search. Are you in the line, fighter? The agency provide the spaceship that you will need during the exploration. Eurpis is the first planet you will go. It is a beautiful but also dangerous place. There are numerous mutant bugs. You start this exploration with limited equipment. You need to use them properly. Or you won't have a chance to survive. Your defensive power will get stronger. Your talents will get unlocked. Of course you will get more weapons. Invincible is not a dream. If not Eurpis then Aurpis, Ourpis, eventually we will find one only if you keep moving and fighting. Intense action and strategy are also needed. Mutant bugs swarm the screen, exploding into bits under your hail of bullets. Play to win gold and remember to buy weapon to kill and armor to protect yourself from bugs' venom. Upgrade your military rank and unlock new talents. You also need to move agilely to dodge harm from alien mutant swarm. Swarms may start an assault abruptly. Mutants spurt venom in unexpected directions and they can easily fly to you or just jump towards your chest without a notice. Monsters attack can cause huge damage. Keeping shooting and perform your headshots. It is not the end of the world only if you stand up and fight.
License Free
Operating System Android