Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP

Step into battle with Monsters with Attitude! The IO online multiplayer PvP arena with the most amazing monsters in combat! Legendary dragons and other fantasy creatures from another galaxy fighting for survival in this addictive MMO battleground.Smash up the city! Smash up the forest! Destroy everything! The entire planet becomes a gigantic brawl arena for your monsters from outer space to evolve. Brawl in real-time and challenge adversaries from all over the world in this fast-paced online PvP combat. Survive battle after battle and take your gang of legends to the top of the leaderboards!In this PvP battle with IO gameplay, bigger is better! Smash your way through the forest and city, feed your monsters with energy and knock down buildings to watch them grow up. Crush your enemies by outsmarting them: each monster has a set of unique magic perks to learn and master. You can also customize the evolution of start size stats to fit a more powerful strategy. Take your monsters to the war and became a champion of legend in this multiplayer universe!A perfect mix of fast fun for the more casual gamer and deep strategy layer for the experienced gamer to keep you bashing everything out. You'll never run out of things to smash!Come on and fight your way up to the top in this online fast-paced multiplayer brawl fighting game with RPG elements and IO gameplay set in a rich universe.FEATURESUp to 8 players can brawl together in this PvP multiplayer game.Clash in a duel, brawl dragon vs dragon and smash it up, or became a hunter and fight against multiple enemies at the same time when your monster has become big enough... but watch out! In the different maps, there are hidden power ups like shields or nukes to even the match and take on 4big monsters like yours, so plan your strategy carefully. Every action counts! Smash all the other monsters to bits!Evolution of charactersGet to know all the monsters with their unique abilities, upgrade them match after match, personalize the evolution of their stats to suit your PvP tactics and gameplay then take the battle to your enemies and smash them! Build the best brawl fighter to take onto the battlefield, so no rival can stand against you in this multiplayer battle royale universe!Multiplayer IO gameplay on beautiful planets where you smash up and destroy everything.In this 3d action game every combat arena is a planet where the epic free-for-all brawl battle takes place. Destroy the city and its surrounding forest to feed your avatar and uncover useful power ups. Smash up every tree and destroy every building to get ahead in PvP battle. Brawl with other opponents to help you grow and remember the more you brawl, the bigger you become to attack other monsters!Discover more about this MMO PvP multiplayer fighting game and our other games on:www.flaregames.comTerms of Service and Privacy PolicyBy accessing or using a flaregames product, you're agreeing to our Terms of Service ( and Privacy Policy ( GuideMonsters with Attitude is a MMO PvP combat multiplayer arena game which is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased online for real money. Parents can find more information on our games and policies here:
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