Real Zombie Hunting

Zombie apocalypse Starts and Humanity are under attack. Defend your city in this zombie hunter game. In 2040 war starts and zombies attack the city. Special team hires to save the humanity. Dangerous virus turns humans into mutants. These mutants bite humans and they also become zombies. Virus spread all over the world. You will have to become a zombie hunter to save humans from dangerous zombie attack. Be a Zombie shooter in best real zombie hunting game. The Zombies come from everywhere and it's all become a zombie town. Prepare yourself to curtail zombie outbreak and stop zombie invasion. In this real zombie hunting game aim at your target to win battle and become the best zombie hunter. Enjoy our dumb zombie hunter game to shoot monster and complete your missions. One mad doctor performs experiment on some sick humans. He made a virus to cure their disease. Experiment goes wrong. They become dead zombies and kill all peoples in surroundings, and that's the beginning of Zombie apocalypse. Somehow, doctor survives himself from that attack and hides there. These Mad zombies bite other humans to turn them mutant. Zombie run everywhere and bites other human beings. President calls special zombie shooter team to stop zombie outbreak and save humans. You are a commander of this zombie shooter team. Save innocent humans in real zombie hunting game. Zombie war starts now.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None