Stone Super Giant Hero- Auto Theft Gangstar Strike

Stone Hero vs Alien Gangs Cyber war:Have you ever enjoyed crime rampage war with gigantic heroes in battle zone of ruthless lethal action? Join the free style open world adventure against grand city mafia lords and mad city gangsters. This is fantastic gangsta combat of criminal gangsters and their mob bosses who are indulged in grand wars of liberty city strike and crime rampage. Fantastic stone hero giant man is has cyber super powers and is facing the worst group of gangstars which is formed bringing together the mobsters of world famous mobs; Vegas city shooting mafia, Liberty city gangtars warrior, Russian mafia lords, San andreas auto theft crime lords and NYC shooters. And worst of all is they are headed by Super giant Aliens who renowned grand rampant; they love free style non stop action fight. This sandbox style open world ftp is best of the auto theft and vice thug open and snatch mafia gangsters games.Control the Grand City Street Crimes:The liberty city is under invasion by the grand rule gangs they have committed the jail break in Alcatraz high security prison and now the world is at risk as all the crime mongers are set free in the streets of grand city. Stone man giant superhero is the last hope for many to save the world from grand city robbers and vehicle snatch thieves. You as a stone gigantic man can strike the action against crime mafia robbers and car stealers but the boss battles will be quite jaw breaking as the alien superhero cyber mafia will be giving you ruthless time of action fight. But don't be afraid as you have multiple variations of crazy acrobatic fighting styles and cyber super powers to hunt the enemy down in this stone superhero games. Liberate the open world city in action packed aerial combat with intense action game experience; unleash the devastating combos powers against battling waves of bosses and legendary villains and destroy the vice villain mafia.Drive and Action:Snatch the cars, Police vans, Ambulance and school bus and enjoy the unlimited drive. Recover the vehicles from theft mafia and go on exciting long drive through the night city of lights. Drive and race to chase and find the mob member and kill him.Fight to Save the World:As the kidnapper and abductor are set free from gloomy prison a city wide crime spree is sparking the city with fire and terror wave is spreading country wide. Stone hero man is having the supernatural powers exercising them in open world 3d adventure full of crime fighting and non stop action. Its all about combat fighting, stealth & survival a chaotic escape running, using laser powers and death jumps in the crime action superhero games.Beat and Defeat the Forces of Crime Mafia:You have to be very cautious of the enemies as you already know they are from world best mafia cyber gangs. They had been among the members of grand city robbers, renowned vehicle stealers, san andreas city gangster theft mafia, russian and miami thugs, clowns of NYC and liberty city auto theft warriors. Vice city miscreants and clumsy mobs mafia lords and crime bosses are underworld dons and now playing the under hood of monster super aliens in grand wars of city conquest. This superhero crime action game offers future war experience which the world now may be facing in 2050. The forces of mafia are getting stronger day by day, there should be one having the stone man super powers to curb the control of crime bosses and aliens in chaotic city.Featured:Best Vehicle Controls and auto theft driving speeds.An Free style enjoyable and exciting combat system with melee fight, dual combo attack, ranged attacks and more.Offering a better, eye capturing immersible Day/Night Environment with Console-like 3D graphicsOptimized for Diverse audience of superhero free action games, combat fighting games.
Operating System Android