Flying Dragon Fire Ball- Crime City shooting Games

Grand City Crime Operation:Get in to War of Dragons in the Crime city of Dragons warrior and crime city gangsters with Flying dragon capable of throwing fire balls on crime city robbers who have already captured the dragon lord. Start the quest with your flying dragon fireball warrior to rescue the dragon master in Free to play (F2P or FtP games). This is open world sandbox styled flying dragon game, which is free to play F2P quest of dragon lord and dragon master rescue. Get a trained flying lizard and control the dragonfly to chase the grand city criminals, find them, Shoot them with Dragon Fire Ball and kill them. Once the crime mafia in the gangsters' city decapitated and the dragon master rescued; get your dragon master ride on the flying dragon and shoot with guns and arrows. Flying dragon lord has crossbow arrow and shotgun shooting to eliminate the mayhem of criminal mob bosses in the combat rampage game.Dragon Rescue BattleComplete the crime operation in combat strike against the grand city crime robbers and crime lords by rescuing the captive and kidnapped dragon master. Kill all the auto city thugs and mafia agents and rule the grand city in mafia rampage game. Don't forget your lethal dragon is trained and have the powers of fire ball to throw and kill the vice villain terrorists. It's all about quick aim, accurate shooting, combat fighting and stealth survival while in the shootout battle zone. There are smart enemies trained outfits of Russian mafia, best shooters of texas and vegas, grand robbers from Miami city and thugs of new York city. Be very clever while you set off on a dragon superhero crime action and crime strike operation to get rid of the crime lords and mafia agents.Resolve the Crime MayhemTry and train different dragons to jump into the war of grand china town as the best warriors of city of dragons in this flying dragon games. March towards the furious mobsters in stealth manners and hover over the city to perform the rescue duty in the armor mayhem combat game. This is so far the best gangster strike action and dragon raid games available to download free. Everything is like open world in sandbox style free to play offering dragon guerre and dragon warfare. Evolve as a best dragon rider and dragon master shooter in the pvp combo fighting against the mafia gangster survival city fights.Dragons:Flying Dragon is a mythical creature unicorn like flying lizard that has fame in the myths. We are using the dragonfly mythical unicorn to undergo a dragon raid with the dragon rider legends to dispense criminal justice crime lords and mafia mobs in the dragon grand city. This is FtP open world game where flying dragon hovers and marches to inflict war on gangster empires.MiSSiONS:- Fly your dragon in the super city and find the gangsters capturing the dragon lord in some corner of the city.- Shoot them with dragon fire ball one by one, the robbers can follow you and shoot back with guns.- Find your dragon shooter and rescue him from the captivity of the kidnappers- Buy and craft the Arrows and Bow in the city and collect the guns and bullets for dragon rider shooter- Roam into the NYC and strike the enemies with dragon fireball and dragon rider shooter- Clear all the city and rescue the citizens from the atrocities inflicted upon by the grand city crime mongers.
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