The ElDorado

El Dorado, known as the golden city in 16th Century,But no one was able to find the golden city.Time passed away, and it was lost to people.Until..While Ace, who woke up from the iceberg, was talking with his friends, he mentioned the stories from the elders.Smartie', a bookworm and archeologist heard of thisand became certain that 'El Dorado' must be close to 'Ace's' hometown in ice.and decides to find the golden city 'El Dorado' with his friends.So.. Their long journey to find the golden city 'El Dorado' begins.Does the golden city 'El Dorado' truly exist?Will they finally find 'El Dorado'?El Dorado is TV defense game with story that Ace friends leave to find lost golden city of legend.100 stage and Ranking mode and simple control !TV Defense game that you've never imagined is coming to see you.* Supporting below platforms where you can play the ElDorado- Samsung SmartTV (Tizen) / LG SmartTV (WebOS)- olleh KT IPTV / CJ Hello Cable TV / DLive Cable TV- Android TV
License Free
Version 2.0.9
Operating System Android