Open Auto Grand City

Open Auto Grand City - build your hard way a real gangster! Start your criminal case in an action shooter where you can kill local mafia, steal cars.A new San Andreas map of a huge open world city in which you will be able to play missions in rich and poor areas of the city. You will be met by the city of vice, chaos, race for survival with weapons, try to fulfill the task for advancement on the criminal line.In this game you need to steal cars, after small dirty deeds, create your own large criminal network. Do different story missions get good money for them. Explore all parts of the city for free weapons and take in yourself a real gangster.Features:- Follow the map direction to reach to the auto godfather- Get the weapons from other citizens- Fight with other theft criminal for the revenge- a fascinating plot with beautiful city views;- urban residents and their cars have their own rules of travel;The city is filled with threats, constant gunfights and crime. A plot of money against you will be constantly accompanied by your people in the gang. Games are action movies without the Internet, win by performing complex missions, hijack fast sports cars and destroy enemies!
License Free
Operating System Android